Friday, May 13, 2016


Breadcrumbs was a book I saw around for a long time, but the cover looked boring. Then I read about it and discovered it was one of those fairy tale change-up books and I decided to give it a try!
I am really glad I did and it was a terrific audio listen, but I do wish I would have read it, because there is a lot in here with regard to some of those non-Disneyfied fairy tales, like the Little Match Girl that show up here in this story.
While most of us won't meet White Witches and wear red shoes that make us dance and dance and dance, we probably have all had an experience like Hazel, finding that a loved childhood friend is slipping away, that maybe you are outgrowing one another.
Beautifully written, I think. And for me to notice, because I am not an educated "smart reader" who notices that kind of thing, you know for sure that it is beautifully written.
Hazel is the main character but I do think dudes would enjoy this story if they gave it a chance. Even if they just started it, because they are all intriguing characters and Jack is a main focus. I am glad I read this finally! Anne Ursu is from Minnesota and remember, only great things and people come from Minnesota!   There is a neat interview with the author here, as she answers some questions that kids ask her.

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