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Monday, October 18, 2010

Haunted Hayrides at Allen's

Went to Allen's Haunted Hayrides and
for ten bucks this hayride is very good. There were many very cool scenes that I don't want to go into too much detail about because they were truly surprising and things that I haven't seen anywhere else. At first I thought Allen's wasn't so great but then I really thought about all of the creative thought that went into it and it was pretty darn cool and definitely worth the ten spot. We paid $20 because we were in a hurry and wanted to get on to Demon House, which we did. The actors were really good at scaring and also really good at gymnastics as they climbed all over the tractor! The whole place is set up nicely if you want to hang out and have a camp fire. There is a midway as well. But sadly...port a johns...so how much time can you really spend there without going to the bathroom!

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  1. Allen’s haunted hayride, just a mere 20-minute drive from HHE. When we arrived the wait was well over an hour and half so we opted for the VIP passes. The atmosphere here was more like a carnival, with a Ferris wheel and a midway. After going on the hayride I understand why they have a midway, this is a great attraction the whole family can enjoy. I personally would rather have monsters lurking around and a darker atmosphere to help put you in the mood to be scared.

    The tractor had hay strewn about it and you just planted your butt on the floor, not very comfortable because they pack the tractor so full you can’t stretch your legs out.

    The actors I will say are very athletic and into gymnastics as they jumped and climbed onto the sides of the tractor and hung upside above you and spun around on the piping used to build up the sides. By the second station this began to get old, seeing them swinging around and sliding through the openings between the pipes. It really wasn’t scary after the first few times.

    There were a few surprises throughout the hayride and some cool effects. I didn’t find this hayride to be scary at all and I think it would make for a fun family night if you wanted to take your kids on a hayride.

    I would say scariness I give this attraction 5 skulls and atmosphere 6 pumpkins.