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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Outbreak

Last year was my first year at Rich's Fright Farm.  Even though it was emotionally and physically exhausting, we waited in line for 2 and a half hours, we didn't get home until six am and MaryAnne broke her finger, we couldn't wait to go back this year!  It was creative and scary and like living through an actual horror movie.
This year we convinced Theresa, Crazy Lynn and The Empress to join us.  MaryAnne and I were so proud of our haunted find last year that we bragged on it all year long.  We couldn't wait to share it with others.
Sadly we were disappointed, as were our friends.
It's not that the Fright Farm was terrible.  It still is a heck of a production!  They clearly work year-round and spend a great deal of money to put on a show.  Theme this year was an outbreak of zombies.  Who doesn't love zombies?  Theresa is quite fond of them, especially.  But something was missing.  Maybe it was because I've seen such committed and excited actors this year at places like the Scaregrounds and Freddy's that it was hard to give Rich's as many props as we did last year.  The actors just weren't that into us.
Freddy's is still a great place to go.  It would be in my top five, for sure at this point, but I can't stress enough the impact that the actors have on a haunted attraction.
Food is plentiful at Rich's, but sadly, there are only port-a-john's.

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  1. Off to Rich’s fright farm we went on the 8th of October. We (Ing and myself) went last year and it was a night to remember. We didn’t know much about Rich’s and well after standing in mud oh wait I mean in line for 3+ hours, we finally boarded a tractor and off we went. The night ended with a trip to the emergency room, I broke my finger getting off the tractor. We didn’t make it home till 6:00am the next morning after leaving at 5:00pm the night before. This year we decided to visit on a Friday, and go early.

    The line wasn’t too bad; we waited about an hour this time. We boarded the tractor off we went taking a different route then last year. Like last year the tractor ride was nothing to get excited about and I did manage to get off without breaking anything this time!!!!

    The theme was zombies this year and well last year was great so we had very high hopes for this attraction. From an artistic point of view the haunted house was truly breath taking, the creativity and time detailing each area is unmatched by any other haunted attraction. The overall design was awesome, but I know you are not going there to look at the creativity you want to be scared. Well the scares didn’t come as this was a huge let down over last year. The actors seemed to be far and few between and just didn’t have their heart into it. For $19 price you won’t be disappointed, I mean this attraction has great aesthetics, and is very physical. It takes over an hour to navigate through, up and down steps, inside and outside, and then for the brave something different. The ending I will say was fabulous, a lot of work went into designing the ending and I did enjoy how the attraction ended but it wasn’t scary at all. Maybe it should be called Rich’s fun farm instead of fright farm… Scariness I give if 6 skulls, and atmosphere I give it 8 pumpkins.