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Sunday, December 12, 2010

It has been 39 years since my last confession

Which is actually okay, since I am a Protestant.  But I have to admit that at different and frequent times in my life, I have wished that I could have gone to confession.  There are times in a person's life, I believe, when it would be beneficial to confession to another.
Confession is beneficial, no, it is necessary, for the Sullivan girls in Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters.  Norrie, Jane and Sassy have done something to offend Almighty.  The Almighty in this case isn't God, it's their grandmother, a member of Baltimore's high society and the matriarch of their family.  And also the chick with all of the bucks who has threatened to cut the entire family out of her will if the one Sullivan who has offended her does not confess in writing.
The book is divided into three sections, each granddaughter writing her "big sin," the one that they believe has caused their nasty grandmother to impose such a threat.
Norrie, seventeen and the oldest sister, a senior at a prestigious all-girls Catholic school north of the city writes about her relationship with a twenty five year old grad student.
Jane, confesses about her blog myevilfamily.com in which she exposes Almighty and her entire family for the messed up frauds that they are.
And Sassy, well, Sassy's confession is really different.
This book is truly funny and fresh.  And love that myevilfamily.com is really a live site.  Hilarious.
One truly unexpected thing I learned while reading this book was that the author, Natalie Standiford wrote The Bravest Dog Ever:  the true story of Balto which I get requests for all of the time from children who want to read it.  I haven't read it and this the first book I ever read by Standiford, but it won't be the last, that's for sure!  It's weird because on her website, she doesn't list all of her books, but when I did a catalog search for her name, I found a bunch.  I can't recall another author's website like that.  Weird.  I am just glad that I happened to search for her in the catalog because I would have just assumed that this one and How to Say Goodbye in Robot were the old two YA books she has written, because they are the only two listed.
Now I am off on a tangent!  Shocking!
I totally enjoyed this book and I sure wouldn't mind a sequel.  The ending is quite cool.  Norrie's story in particular is intriguing and I do wish I was the one having a secret relationship with Robbie Pepper!

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