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Monday, February 21, 2011

Salty or Sweet?

Which do you prefer?  Or do you enjoy both?  After tasting chocolate covered potato chips, I have to say that I love both.  Delicious.  If you have never had a chocolate covered potato chip, I really think that it is time, right now, to get some.  They are truly amazing.
The Sweetness of Salt is cool little book.  It's the story of sisters.  Not having any siblings I really can't speak from experience, but from what I've heard and read about sister-sister deals, this relationship between Julia and her older sister Sophia seems authentically complicated and honest.
Julia has just graduated from high school.  Top of the class.  Brilliant chick.  Determined and focused.  She's heading to college in the fall and then law school like her dad.  Before that she has a SWEET internship at the court house lined up for the summer.   This girl is on the fast track to success.
There's always a but, or else there wouldn't be a book, right?
Julia's older sister, the Black Sheep, returns home for Julia's graduation.  She doesn't stay long though.  As usual she fights with her parents and brings up the mysterious "things that happened in Milford" where Sophia and her parents lived before Julia was born.  Sophia's always saying that.  That's partly why Sophia and her parents have never gotten along.  Soph ran off after high school, left Ohio for Vermont and had a baby, little Goober.
After Sophia leaves Julia's parents tell Julia, finally, about what "happened in Milford" and Julia is so upset, she drives all night to Vermont to stay the weekend with Sophia to figure things out.
I did like this book because it does keep one guessing.  There are a lot of neat side characters and though the book is long, with not a lot of action, it goes very quickly.  I haven't read anything by Galante before but I certainly will.
Maybe I'll read her next book while eating some delicious chocolate covered potato chips.
And I suggest you do, as well.

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  1. I totally agree about chocolate covered potato chips! Scrumptious! Have you ever had a chocolate covered pickle? Also delicious! And available at the Heinz History Center...and other places too, I imagine...