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There are SO MANY wonderful book review blogs out there and I can't compete with them, that is for sure. So this is not a book review blog. This is just a way for me to organize what I have read so that I can be better at matching the right book to the right person. The blog title comes from the brilliant mind of the most talented woman who ever lived, Ms. Judy Garland. The full quote is, "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of someone else." That is what I hope to do here and in ever aspect of my life.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Shadow Knows

Kate Brian is one of my most favorite authors.  I loved the Private and Privilege series and I wonder if Shadowlands is the start of a new series.  It certainly could be, but also it is a great stand-alone book and while the ending was a shock, I didn't feel cheated, like some books make me feel, as if the whole book was just a lead in to a series.  This is a complete and suspenseful, at times horrifying, novel.  
Rory was attacked by a serial killer who was posing as a high school teacher, at the end of the school year.  She escapes but her family is put under FBI protection and sent to a summer resort-type town to hide while the killer is sought.  
The killer is still stalking Rory and her family as she tries to meet locals and live her life as normally as possible under the circumstances.  The kids she meets in the town seem to have their own weirdness going on though, and Rory thinks she is going crazy.
Excellent story and a real page-turner.  I already pre-ordered it for the library and can't wait to recommend!   

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