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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thin Boy Meets Thin Boy

I am not still mad at David Levithan for his treatment of the fat kid in Every Day.  No way!  No how! I am totally over it.  I went into Boy Meets Boy with an open mind!  I swear!
Okay, maybe I am not over it.  But it didn't color my reading of Boy Meets Boy, it really didn't.  I gave it 2 of 5 stars on goodreads because I am just so sick of the bashing of the Christians.  I find it very tiresome.
But I have to remember that this was written ten years ago.  And any bitterness that Mr. Levithan harbors for those who call themselves Christians is most likely result of abdominal behavior on the part of people who were claiming to be Christians, but not acting in a Christ-like manner.  I would hope that in the ten years that have passed since BMB's publication, Levithan has had some positive experiences with those who profess to love Jesus.
The deal is this.
God created us.
Male and female.
Gentile and Jew.
Black and white.
Gay and straight.
Here is what Jesus said about homosexuality:                           .
Yes, that's right.  Here is also what He said:                             .
And He also mentioned it here, saying:                                     .
Now while I do get upset at Levithan's criticism of Christians and ripping on churches, I can understand why. I just hope that he will realize that not all Christians, especially the Man for whom Christianity is named speaks hate toward homosexuality.  And many of us straight Christians are joining in the fight to stop hatred and prejudice toward those whom God created to love people withe same body parts!
Wouldn't it be nice if a thin man like Mr. Levithan helped to stop, or at least didn't contribute to the hatred and prejudice of the morbidly obese.
Still, this is a book that has its place.  Hopefully all communities and books will be as loving and accepting as the one in this book. And thin!

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