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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hilarious and Really, Really Good

I loved, loved, loved Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick.  LOVED it.  And now that I am reading again, I was so happy to find that he had put out It's All Your Fault.  It was not a disappointment.  I loved it as much as Gorgeous, and it was very different, though not without similarities.

The thing that I thought was neat about this book is that the book is told through the POV of a high school senior, Caitlin, who is homeschooled and tells us right off that she is a Christian and in her description of her family she comes across a lot like a Duggar, before the sex scandal, but the book doesn't make fun of her faith, even though it does.  

What does all of that mean?

It means that as a Christian, I was not offended at all by this book and I can't imagine even the most conservative, homeschooling  Christian parents being offended by it other than the language.  There are many, many f-bombs.

Caitlin's cousin, Heller is a Miley Cyrus-type star and it is Caitlin's job to keep her out of trouble so there isn't any backlash against the biggest movie of her career.  A Twilightish-Hunger-Gamish-housewife-writes-bestselling-triolgy-that-drives-the-world-crazy movie.

Great, great fun.
I loved it.
And honestly, I thought it was good PR for Christians!  Just keep in mind a lot of f-bombs!

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