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Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Red String that Connects

Just Like Me is told from the POV of Julia, who was adopted from China as a baby.  She has never made a connection with her Chinese birth, not like the other girls who were adopted from the same orphanage in China, Avery and Becca.  Avery and Becca and Julia's parents were all part of the same group who adopted their daughters at the same time.  Because of this, all of the parents have kinda forced them to be "Chinese sisters,"  which seems totally fine for Avery and Becca, but Julia just doesn't want to have any part of it.  When a newspaper (or maybe magazine) writer wants to do a story on the three girls their parents decide that the girls should spend a week together at a summer camp and journal about their experiences.
Becca and Avery are all excited about it in their own ways, but Julie just really wants to forget about being Chinese and embrace the Italian and Irish part of her, as those are the heritages of her adoptive parents.
As she journals on and the week goes on, Julie faces feelings that she has tried not to feel.  This was a very interesting book. I wonder if it rings true for children who were adopted internationally or even within their own country.
Also it was just a good story about girls getting a long and about foster care as well, as Becca and Avery and Julia share a cabin with three other girls with different life situations.

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