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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Perspective Matters

Had I read Dinner with the Smileys when I was younger, I would have probably enjoyed it more. When I was Sarah Smiley's age, maybe.  Maybe.  I am just not sure.
I came into it with a really positive attitude.  (I always try to think about my what my attitude was when I started a book when I end up not liking a book). I really was thinking I would enjoy this!
First of all I consider myself to be very patriotic.  I have tremendous respect for those who serve in our armed forces and for their families, for the sacrifices they make and for their bravery.  The other thing is, I am just starting to facilitate a non-fiction book group (super excited about this) and the group has picked this title and so I am just excited in general.  Also, it was recommended to me by my dear friend and she loved it!
So was I expecting too much?  That does happen sometimes!
But no, I really don't think in this case it was.
The first thing that bothered me was the realization that Sarah Smiley is a professional writer with weekly newspaper columns.  When I read the blurb, I didn't remember learning this.  I thought it was just a "regular" mom who was inspired by her family's situation and started posting on Facebook maybe, about these dinners and it all came from there.
But there just seemed someone a little...I don't know- at least different from what I thought when I realized she is an established writer.
The second thing that bugged me is TOTALLY minor and ridiculous, but I didn't like that she didn't know what the word ovulation meant.  I mean, that is just weird.  And maybe she did and she pretended she didn't know what it was in the book in a tongue-and-cheek way, just joking about not knowing what it was.  It was just weird.  And again, seemed a little disingenuous to me, like the fact that she is a professional writer.
The other thing, the biggest thing, is that while she does mention that some people have it so much worse than she and her boys did, I just couldn't get way from thinking, "Lady.  Some people's daddies and mommies will never come home."  I feel terrible feeling that way.  She DOES admit to that.  But I think combined with her being a professional writer, when I read "75 of our friends came to the airport to great him" when her husband is home from his deployment, I just couldn't help but think"hmmm."
But Sarah Smiley is young.
And she does seem like a lovely person.
And I can't imagine what it would be like to be away from one's spouse for a year while he or she is off serving in the military around the world.
But I thought about all those non-professional writers who won't be gathering with 75 of their closest friends, some of whom are Boston Red Sox ball players to greet their loved one home.
And I think it would be awesome if she continues to live out the rest of her life that way!  I wish everyone could.

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