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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Many Reasons

There are many unfair reasons why I didn't like Invisible Girls:  a memoir.

For one, I immediately thought of Kate Bowler when I read this book.  Two young women of faith, hit hard with horrible cancer.  The thing is, Sarah Thebarge is no Kate Bowler, but that isn't fair because Kate Bowler is matchless.

It also isn't fair that even though Thebarge says that she has escaped from Christian fundamentalism, she is still too fundamentalist for me.

But I think there are other reasons why I didn't like the book that are valid.  I found Thebarge to be more of a white savior figure than anything else.  I also found some of her decisions regarding her interaction with Hadhi's family to be super judgy and ridiculous.  For one, the tv show depicting domestic violence, the one that she didn't want Hadhi's kids to see?  Pretty much ignoring the whole truth that these kids have seen this and worse violence in real life.  And then, she is pleased when Hadhi turns the tv to Spongebob Squarepants.  Um.  Okay.

This just wasn't my thing.  I have incredible sympathy for Thebarge and for all of the trials that she has gone through with her horrible disease.  Don't get me wrong.  And I also think that what she did with and for Hadhi and her children was quite commendable and far more than I could ever do.  And it is clear that she is God's hands and feet in this world.  I just think that her editors did her an injustice.  I don't think that someone who has such a giving heart meant to come across like she did-- a white savior and full of "pat myself on the back" moments and ugh, that ending- I think that a better editor would have helped her share her heart in maybe a way more like the person she seems to be.

They say that actions speak louder than words, right?  And Thebarge's actions are just wow, I admire her so much and it makes me want to be that kind of person, but the words with which she told her story, they fell short.  And that's too bad.

Sadly too, she is misguided in that she attends a church which does NOT  understand that God cares THAT we love, not WHOM we love.  It is one of those churches where the pastor believes that what body parts one has should determine whether or not love is Godly.

As for Ms. Thebarge, she can follow James Dobson on that issue.  I will follow Jesus Christ.

I can't recommend this book.

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