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Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Tale of Two Young Men

Anything that Nikki Grimes writes is going to be "Christian."

Even if it isn't cataloged as such, or published by Zondervan or the like.

That's because (I think- I mean, I don't know her and I haven't read anything about her faith) she is a Christian.

Being a Christian is in all that Christians do, right?  Like being Jewish is in all that Jews do, or being Hindi is in all that Hindus do.

This was the first Christian-labeled Nikki Grimes book I have read and I loved it just as much as I have loved her other books.

Christian or not, writing about God or not writing about God, Grimes is an incredible writer. Just so gifted and insightful and fresh and- blessed.

This is the story of two boys who grown into young men.  Two men of faith.  One you know, Ishmael of the Bible.  And one you don't know, but will love as soon as you meet him, Sam, whose father has fallen in love with another woman, has divorced Sam's mother and is marrying this new woman.

The parallels between Ishmael and Sam are clear.  Sam's father's new wife is white.  Ishmael's mother, Hagar, is black.  They both become old step-brothers.  They both feel (and are) left by their fathers.  And they both have amazing faith in their Father.  But very real faith, one that questions Him, and the great thing we know is, God is okay with that!

Fantastic book.

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