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Friday, March 16, 2012

Scooby Doo, Where Are You!

All through Texas Gothic I was reminded of Fred, Scooby, Shaggy, the Mystery Machine and the whole gang. TG really reads like an episode of this cartoon show. That's not bad, of course, but it just isn't my kind of thing in a book.
I first picked up this book at the Harrington Branch of the Plano Library System. I was hanging out there, checking out the library vibe, waiting for the children's librarian to find me some information about their children's department desk, which is totally cool. I was caught up right away in the story of two sisters, Amy and Phin, who belong to a family of witches. The sisters are spending the summer watching their aunt's farm which their aunt travels to China. Amy and Phin have witchy powers, of course. Phin embraces them for the scientific aspects of the craft, but Amy really would rather forget the whole witch thing and lead a "normal" life.
They are drawn into magic and ghosties right away though, when rumors of a Mad Monk on their neighbor's ranch surface when bones are discovered on the property.
This is a bit of Nancy Drew story, with a bit of the supernatural and Phin and Amy find friends among the university students who come to excavate the remains found in the area. They are all drawn in the mystery, like Velma, Daphne and the gang.
The book is long and for me, I just couldn't fall in love with it. It wasn't terrible, it was decent. But just a little too Scooby and Nancy for me.

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