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Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Trip to Del's- Post-Restaurant: Impossible

I think I went to Del's many, many years ago, but I can't remember, I mean I would have been a little kid, so I have nothing to which I can compare. I think we went there with my grandma after I graduated from Duquesne, but I don't remember what anything looked or tasted like.
Let me say upfront I am not a fan of Italian food. It's fine, but it really isn't my thing. That said, after seeing the show on Wednesday night, Mommy and I decided to go for lunch on a Saturday. We got there right when Del's opened and the staff was very courteous.
We both ordered Stuffed Shells, mine with Alfredo and Mom with Marinara. Mom got the salad that came with the meal and I picked the Wedding Soup.
I hate Wedding Soup, but this was the best I ever had! I loved it! It didn't have those little pasta balls, instead it had tiny little macaroni thingies. Mom's salad was really fresh and well presented.
The main meals were awesome! The portions were just right and we got bread with the meal.
We will definitely go back. The place was packed by the time we left, and I truly hope that this place succeeds.

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  1. I hear that they have since gone back to their old ways - old menu and giant portions. I've always been kind of wishy washy about Del's. Not too great, but not awful. It seems like people are always throughing banquets there - I've been to at least 4! But I'm glad you had a good experience!! :-D