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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Adventures in Nursing Home Care

Today my mother and I visited my father in a nursing home.  After a year long battle with a diabetic leg ulcer, culminating in skin grafting and surgery last Friday and three different infections in his leg, he must spend at least two weeks in skilled nursing care.  It has been an emotional week.
"Putting someone in a home" has a lot of baggage with it.  Guilt, worry, relief.  Everyone in that situation goes through it and there are no right or wrong feelings.  That's what I have told others.  But when it's you, well it seems like a different story.
Like I wrote, as it stands now, my father will be in there only two weeks, but so much depends upon that.  He will have IV anti-biotics for two weeks, but then he will need to make sure that he can come home and care for himself, so that's the other part that will define the length of his stay.  A couple of things have made this a little easier for us than it is for others.  For one, the doctor ordered the skilled nursing because of the IV.  Secondly, my father wanted to go because of the pain he has been in for the past year and the pain he is in now.  His willingness makes us feel less guilty.  A bit.  If we had more money he could have the IV at home.  If we had more money we could fix our house up with a wheel chair ramp and other ADA accessories.  So that is a big source of guilt, for sure.
He's at Kane Ross, which I am very familiar with, having visited many, many people there during my years as a pastor.  The level of care there, in my opinion, and from what my father has already experienced, is excellent.  We are thankful he is there.
It's been a long journey and it isn't over.

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