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Friday, October 17, 2014

Another Chuck

Sir Charlie,:  Chaplin, the Funniest Man in the World was written by the elder Fleischman, Sid.  And it is written just like all of Papa Fleischman's books: wonderfully.
I had know knowledge at all about Charlie Chaplin other than the basics.
This was one of those books that really made me want to learn more about the man because I wasn't sure if, because it was a kids' book, Chaplin's harsher side was air-brushed.  I mean it was straight-forward enough, there were quotes from other actors who knew him that said how mean he could be, but I wonder if Chaplin was even worse that Fleischman detailed.
It was good to read this while I was reading Charles and Emma, because Chaplin grew up in the Victorian Era and the poor houses and the wretchedness of the lives of the working class that upset Darwin and his contemporaries, was the world of Charlie's childhood.  It was sad to read of the mental illness that his mother suffered and hardships that Charlie and his brother had to endure as young children.
I was really surprised to learn that some of Chaplin's movies weren't all total comedy.  There were a few that I want to see.
Here is Judy singing Smile, from Modern Times.  This is one of those songs that really mean a lot to me.
A really good book.

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