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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Can't Think of a Subject

The Dating Game was weird for me.  After reading this review I really wanted to enjoy this book because I just think this is a tough review.  But then I read the book and didn't like it all that much.  I didn't hate it or anything, it was just hard to get into and I didn't like the characters all that much.
Holly, Madison and Lina are high school sophomores at a magnet school for exceptional students.  They don't seem too exceptional to me, but even of the girls writes that no one at the school is very exceptional, it is just that their parents all expect them to be exceptional, so they are sent there.  So fair enough.
The book is written in three points of view, each girl having their own.  Each chapter starts out with an email from their daily horoscope and it sets the tone for the day's events.  The book is made up of narrative, emails and IMs, so that keeps it interesting and adds life-like appeal.  I like the premise.  For a class project the girls set up a website to poll the student body on their opinions about sex and their dating and sexual behavior.  They then offer to use the results to match up students on blind dates.
I can't imagine a school sanctioning something like this, but this is a school for exceptional kids, so I guess it flies.
The girls and their friends party a lot, or want to party a lot, and everyone brags about how much experience they have with the opposite sex, but no one really has much.  It isn't for tweens for sure, and I am not sure if it is really for many people, because the characters are kind of meh.
I liked Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters so much more and I think I expected more from this one, but I am going to keep reading other books by the author, because GM was so good.  I probably won't read any more in this series though.

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