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There are SO MANY wonderful book review blogs out there and I can't compete with them, that is for sure. So this is not a book review blog. This is just a way for me to organize what I have read so that I can be better at matching the right book to the right person. The blog title comes from the brilliant mind of the most talented woman who ever lived, Ms. Judy Garland. The full quote is, "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of someone else." That is what I hope to do here and in ever aspect of my life.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Snowed In

So I took a little break from the Kate Brian books to read Trapped.  Even though I was warned about a VERY GROSS description of a bodily function on or about page 75 I read it anyway and I am so glad that I did!
This book was really good.  Seven students and one teacher are stuck at their high school in the middle of a giant snow storm.  At first I thought, man...that would be kinda cool.  Wouldn't it be neat to have the whole school to yourself for who knows how long?  I mean, there's food in the cafeteria and blankets in the nurse's office and books to read and friends to talk to and lots to do.  But that really wasn't the case in Trapped.  The story is told from Scotty's POV, a sophomore starter on the basketball team and a decent guy.  Kinda shy, pretty modest, not a super star, just a really nice kid.  He and his two best friends stayed behind to work on their go-kart in the shop room.  The other students they don't know too well.  There's the scary big dude, the kinda-gothy and kinda quiet mystery boy and two cute freshmen girls.  So it's not like they are all going to get along like BFFs.  And then there's the fact that pipes freeze.  I always forget about that stuff.  And power lines go down.  So yes, it isn't as super cool and fun as it seems.
This IS a creepy book and moves quickly.  Good stuff!  I hope to read more from Michael Northrop.

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