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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Don't We All Have the Right to be Wrong Now and Then

Ricky Van Shelton was one of my favorite singers in my teen years.  And I love this song.
It is a snarky little comment on the topic I am addressing today, but I am acknowledging that!
In Brownsville, PA a thirteen-year-old student referred to as N.B. was punished at school for not standing for the Pledge of Alligience.  A court ruled that the school violated her rights when they disciplined her for not saying the Pledge.  The court ruled that the student had the constitutional right to sit through the Pledge.
As much as this makes me sad, makes me cringe, shake my head, etc., I know that she has every right to not stand.  But I think that she should be required to see pictures of life in other countries where there are no constitutional rights to protest against the government, where people are jailed or killed for speaking out against their country's leaders, flag, or government.  I also think that she should meet with the families who have lost loved ones in the service, loved ones who died to fight for her freedom to sit during the Pledge.
She can sit all she wants, I just think she should realize the debt she owes to those who gave her every right to sit through the Pledge, or burn our flag, our speak out against our President.  She has the right to be wrong.

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