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Monday, September 2, 2013

If Cooper Had Been a Fat Kid...

I am sure that the storytelling chorus in Two Boys Kissing would have been rooting for his demise.
As I read it, I was reminded of this review of Lee Daniels' The Butler.  I admit, I lost a lot of respect for Leviathan by his treatment of the fat kid in the book Every Day. I'd held Levithan to a higher standard.  And that wasn't fair.  I mean, the guy is human and he is allowed to have disgust for fat people.  I just thought he was better than that.  I haven't disliked every book by Levithan that I've read after Every Day.  I read Marley's Ghost  after ED, for example, and I loved it a lot.  I will continue to read his books with an open mind.  
This one just wasn't as good as say, Freak Boy, which I recommend without reservation.  Wonderful book.  
One of the most offensive lines in the book is what is meant to be a hopeful promise to LBGTQ young people, "One day the Gospel will be rewritten."
See the deal is, the Gospel doesn't need to be rewritten.  Educated people, whether Christians or not, know that the Jesus never condemned homosexuality.  Fools have used the Gospel and distorted it to promote hatred toward homosexuals, African Americans, Jews,  Educated people know this.  Christians and non-Christians alike.  Perhaps Levithan should have written, "One day the Gospel will be interpreted correctly."  But maybe he just thinks fat people wrote the Bible.  I must add that I don't know if Gospel is capitalized in the book, I bought the audio book.  
But how can I criticize such an important, historic and monumental book?  Ah well, I'm fat, so I guess that's just the way fat people are.  
I should note the book was inspired by a true story

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