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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Love Database

In Getting Over Garrett Delaney, One of the neat things that Sadie does is make an internet database about romantic couples from fiction. I wonder if such a thing even exists. See, Sadie is really into love. She is in love, with her soul-mate, Garrett Delaney. The bad thing is, Garrett is in love with Garrett Delaney. And when he does venture out and get into a relationship, it is never with Sadie, because she's his best buddy.
Sadie has made her whole life about Garrett. She thinks she's one of those writer-types. She thinks she loves Russian writers, and coffee shops and depressing poetry and she thinks she looks down on peers who care about sports or friends or dancing or music that isn't edgy. But really, she doesn't know who she is, until the summer that she decides to get over Garrett. Working at a coffee shop for the summer while Garrett is away at lit camp, she is surrounded by supportive friends who help her try to figure out "who she is without him." I think that it would be cool if she had read the book Who Am I Without Him because it is awesome!
I am being nit-picky here but there was one little part that bugged me.
It was a little odd to read Sadie's thoughts about the German tourists who ate at the coffee house where Sadie works. One of the girls who works there says that she hates it when stereotypes ring true, because the Germans ate all of the salami and didn't tip.
This was just odd. I mean, salami isn't German and Germans aren't known for not tipping. I just thought it was out of place and laden with errors.
Certainly she could have said bratwurst. And there are other ethnic groups known to be thrifty, like the Scots. But Germans? There are a lot of other things like neat or unsmiling, or whatever, but Germans aren't known for being penny-pinchers, as much as other groups are. It was just odd.
Other than that totally random observation, I loved this book! Abby McDonald also wrote Anti-Prom, which I really loved, too!

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