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Monday, July 15, 2013

Wish, Change, Friend

I remember the book Wish, Change, Friend as being a book I really loved.  It has sweet, sweet pictures and a sweet little story.  This has nothing to do with Starstruck, except that one of the main characters has the nickname Wish, because his last name is Wishman. 
Wish is a great name.  And Wish is a good guy.  But maybe he has himself involved in something that he should have left alone.
The book is told from the POV of Gwen, nickname Dough, who has been having a email, text, phone, boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with Wish for the past three years.  She and Wish have been best friends since first grade and when he moved to California when they were thirteen, they kept up their long-distance relationship.  Gwen is kind of a behind the scenes girl.  She isn't very rich and she isn't very thin and she isn't popular at all, in fact, everyone pretty much ignores her.  Wish is living the dream in California, it seems.  His Facebook pictures are super-hot, he has tons of friends, everyone back in Jersey still keeps in touch with him.  He has more friends in Cellarton than Gwen does, and he doesn't even live there anymore.
Gwen has serious mixed feelings when she discovers that Wish is moving back to Jersey.  Will he reject her outright, because she isn't hot and cool like he is?  What will happen??!!!
When Wish comes back though...he doesn't seem to notice that Gwen is not the popular girl, to say the least.  And Wish is also acting kinda strange.  He hates stormes, he seems to worship the sun.  Is he a member of a star-worshipping cult?
This book is so bizarre and so so funny!  I love Balog's sense of humor and I have loved all of her books.  She is great!

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