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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Second Weekend of Haunts Report

I wrote this last Sunday, but forgot to post!  Here's the report on our September 24 and 25 haunts.
The second weekend of haunting arrives! This time Theresa and MaryAnne and I headed to Hopewell Township's own Freddy's Haunts. I love the people at Freddy's!  They truly love what they do.  Last night was opening night and we got there pretty late. We were the last group to go through.  The actors must have been very tired. But it sure didn't show.  They could have easily blown us off.  When we arrived many were hanging around outside but they went right in and did an excellent job scaring us.
The place was hit hard with the bad snow we had this year but they rebuilt, thankfully and the scares were plentiful!
They offer Walking Tacos but I was too late to get any, but I did have a delicious hotdog and a pop!
Sadly, Freddy's only offers Port-a-Johns, that's the only downside to this friendly and very entertaining haunt.  I recommend it highly, as always! 
Tonight was my second year at Haunted Hills Hayride and the Valley of Darkness in North Versailles.  You can do one attraction for 10 bucks or both for 15 and proceeds benefit the Autism Society of Pittsburgh.  This was opening weekend but the production was flawless.  These people put on an amazing production.  Unfortunately we were in a group comprised of obnoxious hecklers and folks who must have left their personalities at home.  The actors tried their best on these folks but nothing helped.  Sadly, too, although they offer Walking Tacos, the concession stand was not open and they have Port-a-Johns, not bathrooms.  Happily, there is a Sheetz close by!  Exceptional hayride and trail.  Bring a bunch of friends with you though in case you don't get a fun group!

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  1. This was my first time visiting Freddy’s Haunts so this was another “new” haunted house for me. Like Ingrid mentioned we did get their kind of late on opening night. It was a rather warm night too but the actors quickly entered the building and took up their spots throughout the house. From what I heard the heavy snow destroyed this house back in February, they did a good job rebuilding it but I think a coat of black paint to cover the plywood would have enhanced the overall experience. The smell of fresh plywood is plentiful throughout.

    The actors are great, from when you first enter all the way through to the end. This haunted house has a nice mix of live people and animatronics. Some scenes where a bit lacking but it was opening night so I am sure they didn’t have a full crew. Oh and if you are a tall you will have to duck a lot the ceilings are a tad low as one gentleman in our group quickly realized. As our group began he whacked his head off the first entrance way into the haunted house. If you want to be scared you will at this haunted house, they have some very creative and unique scenes throughout and great detail was paid to these areas.

    The haunted house ends with a strobe light maze that was rather difficult to navigate through. Overall I gave the haunted a house 6 skulls for scariness and 6 pumpkins for atmosphere. The concession stands look to have an assortment of goodies but was closing up when we finished navigation through the haunted house.

    This haunted house has great potential, and I am sure a lot has to do with having to rebuild after the snowstorm and having the finances to do things. I do think painting the walls black would be a huge improvement and really give a dark feeling when you go through.

    Saturday I visited the Haunted Hills hayride and the Valley of Darkness in North Versailles. Again another “new” haunted house for me, wow the first 4 houses of the season have all been new. There are two attractions at this event, a haunted hayride and a haunted walking trail. We started off with the haunted hayride, and unfortunately we boarded the tractor with a bunch of immature tweens. Despite sitting next to “tweens” the hayride was a nice attraction. The actors where very involved with us and plenty of scares. There where some nice effects, and use of animatronics throughout the hayride. This hayride I didn’t think was very scary and would be suitable for children under 13.

    Off to the haunted trail and yes the bratty “tweens” followed suit. This trail was rough, up and down hills, luckily it was a nice night and everything was dry. This would be hard to navigate after a good rain. This is a guided walk, and you are taken in small groups along the trail. Some attractions you go inside while others are right along the trail in the woods. Very interactive as people are asked to participate in different things and the actors are very lively and fun. Not too scary and again I think children under 13 would be okay participating in this as well.

    I would give both attractions 5 skulls for scariness and 6 pumpkins for atmosphere, the concessions was closed so that was kind of a bummer.

    I know my blog may sound a little vague about the different attractions; I don’t want to give away anything. Both attractions we went to are very creative and a lot of time and preparation has gone into them. If you are looking for some fun times and some family fun you will enjoy these. The immature “tweens” who try and ruin everyone else’s fun really don’t get it.