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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Stand Partially Corrected

After much ripping on Scarehouse after my experiences there last year and the year before, I decided that it wasn't fair to rip on it so much if I wasn't going to go this year.  Then I found out that my friend MaryAnne has NEVER been to Scarehouse!  How fair is that then?  That we tell people what a rip-off the place is, yet MA has never been there and I didn't go this year?
So we went!
And it wasn't so bad!
There is no way that it is worth the full price.  It isn't worth a long wait, either.  But my advice is to go on a Wednesday or Thursday or Sunday night and get your ticket ahead of time.  You can save money and time that way.
The place is 100% professional.  There are three different themes.  The last two, Rampage and Delirium 3D are pretty much the same as last year.  Delirium is the whole "wear the 3D glasses" deal, which The Haunted Mine did so well, it is hard to go anywhere else and compare.  The Mine did it better than any place I've ever seen.  Delirium has nice art work, but it is nothing like the Mine.
Rampage is the best of the three because it is like being trapped in a dystopian state of rebellion against the government, or as they call it Scarehouse, The Director.  I think that if Scarehouse just took this one theme, which works so very well and expanded it to make the whole attraction The Rampage, they would have something really excellent and unique.
As it stands, though, Scarehouse falls short, but it is worth the trip if you have the extra money.

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  1. I have never visited Scare house until tonight. Despite not visiting the haunted attraction I still took liberty at bashing them so I decided I should see for myself what everyone has been saying about it. I really believe it should not be called Scare house because I didn’t find it scary at all. There is a lot of effort put in to detail in this attraction; the sets are beautiful and very creative. There is no skimping on creativity here as you can tell from several of the rooms the detail goes all they way down to the rivets of a submarine.

    Scare house puts a lot of effort in the aesthetics of their house, and using a lot of animatronics and props but not so much emphasis on actor’s just scaring people. Being an artist I appreciate their talents and dedication to creating magnificent sets but it is a haunted house, you are supposed to scare people not dazzle them with your creativeness.

    They have a lot going on with multiple themes and some areas really could be eliminated like the cowgirl dangling over a hayloft as you entered a slaughterhouse with pig props. Pig props seemed to be all the rage this year because we did see them in a few other houses.

    There was one prop that I really thought was awesome and that was near the beginning we went through a room and this red velvet looking old chair with arms was sitting to the left of me. As we exited the room the chair stood up and it was a person. Awesome effect/prop Kudos on this one I really thought that was cool.

    Now I have been to many haunted houses and I don’t get putting your hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you. For the money and wait in line I don’t this is a destination place if you want to be scared. There are so many other great houses that aren’t heavy on animatronics and just use people to scare you for a lot less money. We navigated this house in about 25 minutes, one of the more expensive houses with the shortest navigation time.

    Scariness I give them 5 skulls and atmosphere 8 because they do pay a lot of attention to the details of making each room look realistic.