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There are SO MANY wonderful book review blogs out there and I can't compete with them, that is for sure. So this is not a book review blog. This is just a way for me to organize what I have read so that I can be better at matching the right book to the right person. The blog title comes from the brilliant mind of the most talented woman who ever lived, Ms. Judy Garland. The full quote is, "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of someone else." That is what I hope to do here and in ever aspect of my life.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's Tricky

This was a great song!  But it has nothing to do with A Trick of the Light by an author who was unfamiliar to me before I checked out the audio, Lois Metzger.  This was a good, good book.  I have always felt very uncomfortable thinking about anorexia because I have been morbidly obese for most of my life.  There is a girl in ATOTL who is in the hospital with Mike and she is a compulsive eater.  She has that whole humor thing going on:  I will make fun of me before you make fun of me.  But she has an eating disorder, just like Mike does.  The disorder has just manifested itself in a different way.  I don't know if I have an eating disorder, but when a person (who happens to be male) was a young adult, he was anorexic.  And it was funny (not funny-funny, but enlightening-funny) because we both had the exact same thoughts about our bodies.  We both hated our own bodies, with an incredible passion.  A loathing, really.  He went one way and I went another to cope.  ATOTL is told from the POV of anorexia.  I found it particularly effective to listen to and so I would suggest an audio read for this one, but I am sure the book is powerful as well.

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