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Monday, October 25, 2010

A Trip through Fear Forest

Friday evening was a beautiful night for a covered wagon ride through the October forest.  A lovely forest it was, in Lordstown, Ohio.  A forest filled with creatures like Leatherface, the dude from Hellraiser and Jason Vorhees
Fear Forest was truly scary!  I loved the forest ride at HHH, but this one was really unique and unsettling.  The woods were thick, the wagon was outfitted with speakers playing disturbing music and the actors were stealthy in their approach and attack which made for some excellent jump scares.
The wagon dumped us off at a fifteen minute walk through filled with air blasts and ghouls.  I loved every minute of it in spite of the port-o-johns!

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  1. Fear forest in Lords town Ohio!!!! What a great place to be on a cool Friday night in October. This attraction was made up of three parts, first was a tractor ride through the forest and then a haunted house then tractor ride back. No lights at all through this forest, which really played on you fears, the woods were creepy all by themselves. I really enjoyed this tractor ride; the top was covered so on a rainy night you could still enjoy this attraction.

    As we navigate through the woods you had scares along both sides of the path. One of the best parts of this attraction came when the tractor entered a giant tunnel that spins around you, the ones you walk through at most haunted houses with the neo dots on the inside. I have never experienced this before where the tractor goes through it. The driver navigated this perfectly, taking his time so you really felt dizzy. I had to close my eyes and hold on because to me it felt like I was falling out of my seat. As we moved along and approached the haunted house we crossed some train tracks and was almost hit by a train!!!!

    The hayride in itself was enough creepy but now as we approached this large building that reminded me of an airport hanger one could only wonder what was next. Inside the house it was filled with pulses of air, creepy characters, and plenty of scares around each and every corner. This was a lot of fun and well worth the trip,

    After the house you boarded the tractor again and headed back to where the journey began, and one would think the ride was over but fear forest had a few more surprises up their sleeve.

    Scariness I give them 7 skulls and atmosphere 9 pumpkins because there is a Dairy queen right there so you can enjoy some great DQ treats!!!!