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Sunday, September 21, 2014

American Girls

Years and years ago, when I worked at another library, a patron was complaining loudly about the new-at-the-time American Girl, Julie because Julie came from a family in which her father and mother had been divorced.  It was quite a sad scene.  In the room at the time there were two moms who had been divorced and they looked very sad.  The woman said, "How awful that girls have to be exposed to such a thing."

Yes.  Because Addy Walker had such a grand life.   Really?  Really?  Clearly this woman was not thinking at all.  Or perhaps she was just a royal jerk.  Or both.
The first book in this series, and the best of the American Girl books I have read so far.  It is an important story.  One that every American girl:  white, black, purple, green, should read.  While Addy's story is harsh, I am sure it isn't harsh at all compared to the suffering that was endured from the evils of slavery, yet it is a good introduction into this part of American history that must be retold.
I read this book while preparing for a program about Addy at work and while preparing, I came across this article from The Journal of Sport History.   A very interesting article and it gives credence to my belief that what Addy underwent in this first of the Addy Walker books was tame in comparison to what others experienced.
I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series.

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