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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ruby Holler Meets Stargirl! (Plus magic!)

I was really drawn into A Snicker of Magic from the start.  I listened to it on the fabulous app, hoopla.  It really is a sweet little story.  Felicity is twelve and has moved around with her mom and little sister for many years, as her mom has a rambling heart.  Their current stop is their mom's hometown of Midnight Gulch, Tennessee.  Legend has it that this place was once full of magic, but now it is gone.
There is just a lot going on here that didn't seem to come together. The small, country townishness was reminiscent of so many better books, Ruby Holler, Dovey Coe, Faith, Hope and Ivy June, for example.  And then there is this person known as the Beetle (or maybe the Beatle, I don't know because I was listening to the audio!) who does good things for people.  I love this!  But the thing is, what the B does is what Stargirl did.  Looks in the paper to get clues as to what might be needed in someone's life as a pick-me-up or just a kind deed.
I really did like Felicity a lot and the boy who befriends her.  I also like Aunt Cloe.  There is a lot I did like about it.
One of the most memorable passages for me was when Felicity's ramblin'-hearted momma takes her up in a tree and points out lights from cars moving on the interstate.  She says that when she was a girl, she loved looking at them and couldn't wait to be on her way somewhere.  Now Felicity's mom, being a mother, should have realized that it just wasn't right for her to taking her daughters hither and yon, because they didn't have the same ramblin'-heart that she had and they needed stability.  So that was a problem.  But it turns out that she only did that because she was cursed.  I don't know...it was kind of a cop-out in my opinion.  Anyway, I have a ramblin'-heart, but I can't go and ramble because I have responsibilities.  But I could empathize with Felicity's mom.  I think about the song Drinking and Dreaming, but I don't drink, so the drinking part doesn't apply, but I understand.
This passage also made with think of the song Big Wheels in the Moonlight.
Oh and that was another thing, the whole Cleopatra Queen of Denial thing was also a song and had been done before, so that kinda bugged me.  But really, there is nothing new under the sun, right?  So I guess that is okay!

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