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There are SO MANY wonderful book review blogs out there and I can't compete with them, that is for sure. So this is not a book review blog. This is just a way for me to organize what I have read so that I can be better at matching the right book to the right person. The blog title comes from the brilliant mind of the most talented woman who ever lived, Ms. Judy Garland. The full quote is, "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of someone else." That is what I hope to do here and in ever aspect of my life.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Half a Chance

is better than no chance at all.  That's not the phrase that is used in the book Half a Chance, but it is true.  The phrase in the book is, "Even half a chance beats none."
Anyway, that reminds me of the interview with an author that is on the end of of the audiobook of Bridge to Terabithia.  Katherine Paterson and her son David Paterson are interviewed and KP talks about how the reader really makes the book come alive.  Both KP and DP recall that many fans of the book have remembered the events in the story quite differently, made the story their own.  And they speculate that maybe that is why Bridge to Terabithia has had such staying power.  I was thinking about my dear friend Joanie when I heard the KP and the DP interview.  September will soon be upon us.  And September, to me, is the cruelest month.  This has nothing at all to do with Half a Chance.  Once I again, I just went completely off track. But since I am so far off track, I did include the Katherine Paterson and Lobster picture again!
So Half a Chance is by Cynthia Lord, author of Rules.  I gave five stars to Half a Chance, much better than what I gave to Rules, which was just three.  Rules was a Newbery Honor in 2007.  It seems odd to me that Rules would get an Honor and the excellent Road to Paris wouldn't get one.   While I have never read Hattie Big Sky, another book that got an Honor, instead of Road to Paris, I have to say that the Girl in a Sod House Guarantees Newbery Love Rule might have been at play here again.
Sorry.  Half a Chance has nothing to do with sod houses, either!  This book is quite good and quite real and I wouldn't complain if it got an Honor this year, as long as Brown Girl Dreaming takes it all or at LEAST gets an Honor as well.

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