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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It won an award...and it's really, really good!

I admit that I am cynical about awards.  1954.  Never.  Forget. and Tupac and D Foster.  So when I saw that Ship Breaker won the Printz Award (which is different from a Freddie Prinze Sr. Award or Freddie Prinze Jr. Award, which don't exist, but should because both men were (in Sr's case) are (in Jr's case) incredibly cool, talented and good looking guys - oh wait, in Sr's case it's "lookin' good") and when I heard them announce it, I thought what?  What is this book?  What?  And I was mad because I thought Will Grayson, Will Grayson or Nothing would win.  Nothing ended up getting an Honor nod and Will got a nod for the Stonewall Children's and Young Adult Award Honor.  The book I couldn't finish but loved won that award.
So I was really ready to not like this book at all and run around ranting about 1954 all over again.  I downloaded it right away from itunes and listened to it as I drove from Las Cruces eastward.  I knew nothing about it and so at first I couldn't figure out if it was taking place now in some really poor part of the world or what.  Then I realized that it is another post-apocalyptic books that are so popular now.  Popular with me, too!  But this book wasn't just another PAB.  There is something really different, and better about this book than the average.  It isn't as good as The Hunger Games trilogy or The Moon Books.  Which makes me wonder why This World We Live In and Mockingjay didn't win, but maybe it was because they were both the last in a series?  I am not sure if that is supposed to make them, somehow less award-worthy.    That seems kinda unfair if it is true, because there's a Ship Breaker #2 on the way.  
Anyway, I really did enjoy Ship Breaker.  I enjoyed it so much!  The characters are wonderful and even though there's a little bit of romance, that didn't bother me too much.  Listening to how the world might be in the future, it was scary.  There were a lot of scary parts.  There were a lot of parts where I thought...man what is going to happen!?!?!?!  And also I loved the questions that this book raises about family and what it means.  I would love to see this book made into a movie, if it is done right.  Does the book deserve the Printz?  Oh man...it is so hard to answer that, when I loved those other books so so so much...man.  I don't know.  I am glad I wasn't on the committee.  But man, definitely read this book.  It is truly awesome.  So no, this is no 1954.  This book is no Grace Kelly, for sure.  

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  1. I am a few chapters in and am thinking that it's good, but waiting for it to get great. I agree that it is scary and prophetic, the way it has laid out a not-too-distant future ravaged by weather, genetic engineering, and a continuing decline into a have/havenots world. The description of Nailer falling into that pit of oil and having to emerge, gasping for breath and clearing the sludge from his eyes and mouth left me feeling so icky and almost breathless myself. Excellent writing. As far as my picks for the Printz, of the ones I've read (Nothing, Stolen) I would pick Stolen. But I think Shipbreaker appeals more to boys, and it would be more "recommendable" so I think the committee weighs that, too.